Employment Law: Wrongful Dismissal Or Workplace Discrimination Solutions

If you've been fired, don't just accept whatever severance package they offer you. You may be entitled to much more, especially if your dismissal is not justified. If you work in a toxic workplace, don't suffer in silence.

Platonov Law, based in Toronto, Ontario, understands the anxiety and frustration you are feeling. We will listen to you and explain how the law applies to your situation. We will present you with options to consider, based on what you have told us. Then, we will advocate strongly for whatever option you choose with your employer.

Wrongful Dismissal Claims And Severance Package Evaluations

Everyone has a right to be treated fairly. We practice in many areas of employment law, and can help you with:

  • Severance package reviews

  • Wrongful dismissal claims

  • Constructive dismissal claims

  • Terminations for various reasons

  • Employment contract reviews

Don't Put Up With A Toxic Workplace

You don't have to face your employer alone. We will listen sympathetically as you tell us what is happening to you. We can also help with workplace issue, including:

  • Workplace harassment

  • Workplace discrimination

  • Concerns about pay equity

We will advise you what options you can choose from. Then, we will speak for you with your employer and will do our best to negotiate fair and equitable solutions to your concerns.

We Can Help. Book Your Free Consultation With A Lawyer Today.

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