Wrongful Dismissal And Constructive Dismissal Claims

If you've suddenly been dismissed from your job, or your manager is trying to make you resign, you may have a cause of action against your employer. Don't make any decisions about accepting a severance package or quitting your job hastily. Get legal advice immediately. At Platonov Law, located in Toronto, Ontario, we are always available to meet with you to discuss your employment situation.

We will listen to your story, explain how the law applies to your situation, and help you understand your options. Then, we will advocate strongly for whatever choice you make, either with your employer or in court.

Are You The Victim Of Constructive Dismissal?

Constructive dismissal occurs when an employer tries to make an employee resign using improper tactics, including:

  • Reducing your salary by ten per cent or more

  • Changing the terms of your employment

  • Demoting you

  • Increasing your workload until it is unreasonable

  • Worsening treatment after you seek help from your human resources department

If some of these are happening to you, get help immediately. We can assist you to document what is occurring. We can advise you how to communicate with your employer, and work toward solving the problem. If necessary, we can seek a 'no cause' termination (as you are not being dismissed because of your misconduct) and try to negotiate a proper severance package for you.

Helping You Respond To Wrongful Dismissal

If you are suddenly dismissed and offered a severance package, don't make decisions without first getting legal advice. We can help you by:

  • Examining the dismissal letter

  • Evaluating the severance offer to see if it has meets legal standards

  • Determining if the employer 'managed' your job out of existence

We will explain what options are available to you. Then, we will do our best to achieve the outcome you seek, including negotiating a fair and equitable severance package to meet your needs.

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